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The contracting & payment process

Once you agree and accept by your signature the design of your estate, we will draw up the building construction agreement stating the legal constraints, the design, price and payment schedule plus the conditions regarding this contracting agreement.

We start the construction of your villa within one month of signing the contract on condition you have paid your first term of 25 %.

The rest of the terms are following the stages of the building process:

  • foundation and first level walls ready
15 %
  • second level walls and roof ready
20 %
  • outside finishing of walls ready
15 %
  • inside finishing of walls and flooring ready
10 %
  • first delivery announcement
10 %
  • second delivery to satisfaction
5 %

During the process of construction we keep you informed about the process and status of the construction work. Every 14 days we will send you pictures and a brief status report. You can leave the whole process in our hands because we are focussed on the quality that will satisfy you.

Especially for that reason we manage the whole construction process ourselves. We do not hire contractors, but as a project developer we organise high quality construction teams by looking for the best contract workers we can find for the job to be done.


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