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  Buyers Experiences

Family Beekman

We were sort of pioneers, being the first buyers in Royal Residence Rangu. We entered the buying process with a lot of faith in BaliMotion, its management and their staff members. We bought a large piece of land, to enable us to build a villa and a guesthouse, in which we plan to reside permanently in the future. The guesthouse was finished in the summer of 2005. Due to circumstances we were not able to visit Bali to choose the materials which we would like to use. The BaliMotion team have supported us with this, by sending pictures of the options we could choose from. Up until examples for different curtains in the bedrooms. We have greatly appreciated this flexibility and high quality service.


Hedy Royen

By the end of 2005 our spacious villa with garden and swimming pool was finished. The final result was overwhelmingly beautiful. Especially the garden was already beautifully full grown when we arrived. During the building process I have visited Bali various times to make a selection of finishing materials. We were the first to make other choices than the standard options. Even though not everything went perfectly, we were more than happy with the final result. The advantage of having a project developer, who is located at the building site itself, was shown by the fact that the BaliMotion team could solve some technical delivery problems right away.


Severien Family

While making the decision to have our villa built in Royal Residence Rangdu, we have taken our time to seriously consider all aspects. As we Dutch say: �do not go skating on overnight ice'. We really liked the full service concept that was offered and also the small scale of the project. Also we enjoyed the ultimate relaxing atmosphere in the resort, through our contact with the local staff and the local people of Bali. The building process was interactive, using the internet and e-mail and we were fully satisfied with the results. We visited Bali twice during the construction period to select materials. We composed our own style-book with our specific wishes in finishing off our villa. They fully complied with all of our wishes. The final result really exceeded our expectations.


Groeneveld Family

We were instantly taken by the building style of the villa's. To our surprise this location had also such a positive calming influence on us, that we decided to accomplish here our long cherished dream of a second home in a beautiful tropical environment. The plot of land, which we chose has the most ultimate scenic view of the entire resort. Our villa is still under construction and is planned to be finished by May 2008. The co-operation with BaliMotion is more than excellent.


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