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The process of villa development and landscaping

Once you know where you will you have your villa build the next step is to start the design process. Focussing site plan with building blocks and of course the villa of your dreams.

The first ideas will be shared with an architect that can show what he/she is able to. What style of finishing do you have in mind? Will it be the rich Balinese culture to be reflected in you villa or will it be the more simple local house style? Or do you prefer a modern combination of western and Balinese building styles?

During the creative process your villa will be shaped step by step. Drawings will be showed and rejected or at least amended. And in the end you will put your signature under the final design of your dream villa. It is good to have somebody with local development experience to advise you in this process.

After your acceptance of the villa - and rough landscaping design the construction process will start. PT BaliMotion Indonesia acts as the contractor and manages the building process until delivery.

PT BaliMotion Indonesia is an experienced real estate development company with proven track record and with all necessary disciplines onboard to design, calculate, develop and deliver the villa of your dreams in a trustworthy way. Quality is key in our development approach and you can entrust us with the development of villa, the landscaping as also your pool development.

For your convenience we have it all in one hand.


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